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When rudeness gets you down, don’t respond in kind

Published: Sunday, January 26, 2014

Updated: Sunday, January 26, 2014 22:01

On YouTube, a friend of mine posts vlogs every week or so that are based around the characters she has created and a central topic.

This week, it was about rudeness and people who are rude to you.

This got me thinking about my life and instances where I try to be as patient and understanding as I can, only to get anger and bitterness in return.

Now, I’m not the only one who has experienced this. Of course, we all have. But what do we do when we are faced with rudeness we can’t control?
When all you may be doing is exactly what you are told and you face hostility, or when you finally muster up the courage to apologize for a mistake and you feel ripped to pieces.

Heck, when you’re just doing your hair, minding your own business, you can be faced with rudeness that will not only ruin your day, but will make you sit for hours and wonder why you deserved such sharpness.

How do you deal?
Some people deal with it with more unnecessary rudeness back at the original inflictor.

Don’t do this.

This will just make matters worse with this person and there will just be bitterness between you two most likely over nothing that you need to be angry about.

You can talk to your friends and loved ones about what happened and what you are feeling. That is always helpful.

Also, you can channel your anger into something positive.

Like they say, success is the best revenge, so do something you love like a hobby, project or even a goal and that you will be proud of when accomplished.

All the while knowing that all that person ever did to you was be rude.

And this is the biggest thing: don’t let it sit and fester in your heart. It happened. You can’t change it.

This person may have just been having a terrible day and will most likely regret treating you like they did later.

And just keep what’s important in perspective.

Do you really want to get into a fight and into a lot of trouble over something so small?
Of course not.

This is how you should deal with rudeness, and remember to always keep a heart full of happiness. Not only will you be able to forget past rudeness, but will prevent you from being rude yourself.

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