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The 2014 Grammys

Were the best moments overshadowed by embarrassing shenanigans?

Published: Sunday, February 2, 2014

Updated: Sunday, February 2, 2014 22:02

I wasn’t able to watch the Grammys on my TV here at ETSU, and so I was forced to watch more House Hunters International that night.

Through YouTube, I’ve been able to get the highlights of this year’s Grammys, from Taylor Swift’s awkwardness to Macklemore’s emotional performance.

Taylor Swift — thinking she won the album of the year as well as her strange dancing — has made her the subject of ridicule.

To be honest, it was kind of funny, but I still feel embarrassed with her.

To want so badly to win the album of the year, to getting excited at the very last minute that you have one only to have realized you didn’t, then embarrassing yourself in front of millions? I would cry. But that’s why I’m me and not Taylor Swift.

Although I’m sure she felt like crying for a few reasons.

I loved the performance Macklemore gave on stage with his song, “Same Love.”

I seriously felt like crying watching that. All of these different couples getting married in front of millions with moving music in the background ­­­— that was beautiful.

I didn’t really like Madonna’s part in the song, but that didn’t take away from how moving it was.

It was given a standing ovation as it should, and felt like it wasn’t given as much hype as it should have.

Heck, Taylor Swift’s breakdown was probably given more hype than Macklemore’s performance.

One other performance that I really enjoyed was Pink’s unbelievable dance in the air.

You know the performance they usually do in circuses with the cloth that hangs from the ceiling the dancers dance in the air with?
The name of that kind of performance escapes me at the moment, but Pink not only did that, but sang as well during her careful mid-air acrobatics.

That is true talent.

Though much like Macklemore’s performance, that wasn’t talked about nearly as much as it should have been.

In fact, it’s hardly talked about at all. I had to dig through YouTube and other news sites to find her mid-air performance. It’s underrated, but it was great.

I may have felt cheated not getting the Grammys on my TV here, but thanks to technology and possibly some illegal recording of the Grammy performances, I was able to get in on a great show and participate in what everyone was talking about all over Facebook while I bitterly watched a dumb American couple try to buy a condo in France.

Overall, it was a lovely show.

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