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Texting ruins relationships

Published: Sunday, September 23, 2012

Updated: Sunday, September 23, 2012 21:09

Text messaging has changed communication in dramatic ways, and now in the year 2012, it seems that everyone has a smart phone, or at least some kind of cell phone, texting away at will. Text messaging has generally proven to be useful to us and most of us do it a lot these days.

But there are also some reasons why text messaging has produced bad results in the way we interact with one another.

The nature of the text message is not personal at all because it seems that its basically communication done in an efficient way in the fastest manner possible. The problem with this is that there seems to be less emotion to conversation in general through text. It just seems to take out many factors that make conversations with friends enjoyable. Another problem there seems to be with texting is that many couples now find themselves trying to have important conversations with one another through trivial texting frenzies. Relatives and friends have conflicts and now seem to attempt to resolve them through text messaging, which more times than not produces bad results with trying to maintain relationships of any kind.

Also, it can be rude at times. No one should ever text away when going on a first date or when they first meet someone at all. It seems to show disinterest and causes an uncomfortable vibe in social situations.

This can also be said for talking on the phone with friends excessively, but these days, it seems that younger people use texting much more than talking on the phone because one conversation that would take two minutes on the phone could take half an hour through texting back and forth.

It’s very apparent and like I said, rude. I’m not old fashioned by any means but we shouldn’t let our phones take away our real social skills.

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