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Little Dragon’s new album a big reason to get excited

Published: Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Updated: Wednesday, February 19, 2014 21:02

The best way I can describe the band Little Dragon is smooth techno, which sounds strange, but it’s true.

They fuse jazzy sounds and instruments with electronic music that isn’t too random or dance-y.

In other words, it’s no Skrillex or hip hop.

Their music is very refreshing. I was introduced to this band through no other place but Starbucks (which will give you more of an idea of what their music is like.)
Every week, Starbucks puts out a free song or app you can download from iTunes.

One day, I picked up a free song, “Ritual Union” by Little Dragon. I went home, downloaded the song and was blown away.

The lead singer is female, and her voice is deep and beautiful.

It gives her a classy, sensual sound.

In their song “Place to Belong,” the lead singer can reach low notes that are amazing from a female vocalist and she doesn’t sound manly at all.

Their new album with the strange name, “Nabuma Rubberband,” is due out May 13.

You can preview one song from the album called, “Klapp Klapp,” and though you can only get about a minute of it, I’m still repeating the song over and over jamming to it.

It makes me really want to pre-order the album to get the entire song.

Sadly, I don’t have $8 laying around strictly for buying albums, though it certainly would be nice if I did.

If only I can see them in concert, too.

Hopefully, with this new album, they’ll be making tours through the U.S.

Please Little Dragon, stop in Chicago over the summer! That, or stop by Little Chicago (which Johnson City was once nicknamed) the rest of the year!
Like the meme says, “I don’t care where you are playing, just shut up and take my money!”

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