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Choose your battles wisely

Getting angry isn’t worth jeopardizing your future

Published: Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Updated: Wednesday, February 26, 2014 22:02

There was an incident that occurred while I was in one of my classes a couple of weeks ago that I’d like to point out for everyone’s well-being.

In one of my classes, the professor called out a student who wasn’t doing what they were told.

Embarrassing and frustrating, I understand. If a professor called me out in front of the class, I’d be embarrassed, too.

Knowing me, I’d probably excuse myself to the restroom and cry because I cry about everything, but then I’d return to class OK.

Most people hear this and might find this response weak or foolish ­— and it might be.

How the student in class responded, though, was to pick up their book, throw it down on the professor’s desk and started fighting with the professor.

Not physically, but I feared that would happen if the professor hadn’t kept calm during the situation. Yes, the student stood up and was defensive.

Some people might find this acceptable, for they feel they would do the same.

Heroic as it may seem, this student is no longer in the class, even though I don’t know for what reason.

If a student falls under 12 credit hours, their financial aid is revoked.

It was an upper-level class, so it may push back their graduation date.

And if they lost their financial aid? It may have pushed them back a whole semester.

It is too late in the semester to take on another class in its place.

Now, I can’t tell you not to stand up for yourself.

It takes a strong person to stand up for themselves.

You need to be careful about your actions, though.

It’s better to be embarrassed for a few minutes than to have to leave school and put your life and dreams on hold because a professor made you angry.

You need to think about what is more important — your pride or your future.

Yes, you may have cussed out the professor, but the professor will win in that situation. He or she will continue to work and be successful.

You, on the other hand, might jeopardize your entire future.

Colleges don’t like angry students, and it’s easier to just kick you out and bar you from going to any college then risk you getting angry again.

It is OK to be embarrassed for a few minutes, because in the end, no one will remember that.

They will remember very clearly how angry and frightening you acted, so just be careful and put your future before your pride.

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