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  • ETSU fails to protect from phishing

    Dear Editor: I am writing in response to the article, “Students Suffer from Phishing Scam,” included in your March 27 issue. I personally e-mailed the Student Help Desk as well as contacted the university and left a message on March 9, attempting to warn them about this potential threat as soon as I received it in my inbox, hoping to safeguard others.

  • Ice cream leads to even sweeter treat

    I was sitting in my language class when I had received a text message from the woman who took me to church a couple weeks ago. It was spontaneous yet delightful invitation to go have ice cream with her before my last class of the week. I waited until class was over to respond to her and I was glad to go for ice cream on such a warm day with her.


    Because education shouldn’t be a mad dash

    In an article earlier this semester, I offered an idea on how to improve the attendance policy on campus. To summarize that article: Level 1000 and 2000 classes would have attendance grades while level 3000 and 4000 classes would not. The rationale was that the university could still “weed out” and “guide” the younger students like it aims to do with the current policy.

  • Reach for your dreams, no matter how lazy they may seem

    Everybody wants that dream job that doesn’t exist. Everyone would like to be paid a huge amount of money for doing things like playing video games, eating chocolates or desserts, watching TV in your pajamas, reading books and things like that. I can’t tell you where to find these magical jobs that pay enormously and don’t exist for some reason, but I will tell you mine: listening to music.

  • Parking Panic?

    The worst case scenario with ETSU’s new parking garage

    In light of the parking garage’s ever-expanding delays, many will feel it is a relief to see that people can now find a way to park their car without having to worry too much about burglars, snow, rain or sleet. The comfort that we can park a $20,000 Honda Civic is there, but when you think about the traffic that may come given the larger availability and space, a debate could sprout up: Was funding the garage worth it or not? While the garage will be largely viewed as an “external benefit,” normally, such large car parks or garages are limited to shopping malls, hospitals or scientific laboratories and companies.

  • It’s not whether you win or lose... or is it?

    Ricky Bobby, the central character in the 2006 Will Ferrell comedy Talladega Nights, has this joshing tagline: “If you ain’t first, you’re last.” This phrase has become something of a mantra in my family, and we’re only half kidding. The fact of the matter is that in a large family full of fiercely competitive type-A’s, winning is pretty darn important.

  • Spring has sprung, and so have colds

    Being on your own is tough, in sickness and in health

    In all my time here at ETSU, I have been blessed with good health. Winter is usually prime time for me to get sick, and with the exception of one day having some stomach funk, I have been well throughout the entire season. When the warm weather came around, I thought I was in the clear.

  • The high cost of skipping out on higher education

    When you hear the press claim that universities are bankrupting students, you start thinking to yourself: Is attending college still worth it? While that is a broad question, it is always important to consider the pros and cons of college before you attend.


    Are classrooms necessary for learning people skills?

    One of the assignments in my child psychology class was to post discussion questions and answers that are relative to child development. As I was scrolling the list of questions, I stumbled upon a question that asked about a child’s social development when they are home-schooled.

  • ‘A Mile in Her Shoes’ event raising awareness of abuse

    On Tuesday night, I was walking from my dorm to grab a bite to eat from Taco Bell. I was enjoying the warm evening air, like almost everyone else was, and I figured on cutting through the Cave in the Culp Center to Taco Bell like I normally do. At the entrance to Starbucks though, I ran into a group of people gathered around an open mic.

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Arguments need to cease about ‘pro-life’ and ‘pro-choice’

On Jan. 22, 1973, the Supreme Court issued a ruling that would still be hotly debated for years to come. The 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade recently passed and gave rise to high tide in the realm of reproductive rights debate.