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Super Bowl time: Broncos vs. Seahawks

Published: Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Updated: Wednesday, January 29, 2014 22:01

It is Super Bowl week! Here we are in the week leading up to the biggest game of the year in arguably any sport.

Most of us are preparing our weekend plans with friends or family trying to decide what we should eat. It is just an all-around fun time for everybody. This week is actually even fun for the players.

They are preparing for the game, but also getting the stardom that they have always dreamed about, and truly have earned. The media, the fans, everybody going crazy and wanting to ask them questions. What could be better as a player than having a chance to win the Super Bowl in just a few days?
There have been a few headlines this week but nothing out of the ordinary. Peyton Manning has kept his usual class act and said that he isn’t a legend.

Marshawn Lynch has been his typical self and not talked to the media more than a few minutes. Stories like these aren’t surprising and should’ve been expected. The question is, who has the advantage in the biggest game of the year?
At almost 40 points a game in the regular season, the Broncos obviously have a great offense. However, the Seahawks’ defense is just nasty. They allowed just over 14 points a game in the regular season. So, we have an interesting battle — the outstanding offense vs. the outstanding defense.

Who has the advantage? That answer can only lie within yourself and what you think is more important in a game. However, let’s take a look as some interesting things that may play a factor in this game.

The Seahawks traveled to MetLife Stadium, site of the Super Bowl, earlier this year to play the Giants. That might not seem like much of an advantage but they were able to get a feel for the stadium.

The weather is supposed to be cold, but with little chance of precipitation. So weather shouldn’t affect the outcome as both teams are used to it. The problem with this stadium is the wind and how it circulates. Will this play in favor of the Seahawks as Manning tries to find a way to get the ball to his receivers?
Another thing to look at is the experience of the quarterbacks. Manning is going for his second ring in three attempts. Russell Wilson is just going for the completion of his second year in the NFL.

The advantage of experience may lie with the Broncos ,but does that play a huge role? You be the judge of that.

There was also a huge controversy last week about a certain cornerback who plays for the Seahawks, Richard Sherman, a third-year-pro out of Stanford, has been very clear about what he thinks of himself. He is the best. This is something that is setting us up for a great matchup.

Sherman has been very upfront with how he feels but he has also backed it up on the field. So what will happen when the best defense meets the best offense? One hell of a game.

Everyone should take this opportunity to be with family and friends to enjoy a great football game. We all know that it will be a great battle. Also, we can’t forget about the commercials and the halftime show. Whoever you are cheering for, may your team come out victorious.

Either way, next week I will take another look at this game and give more of an analysis.

After all, as Marshawn Lynch is famous for talking about, words are cheap, but in the game is where the money is earned. So, I will let the players do it on the field and then look at why it happened the way it did.

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