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Longtime cheerleader sets new goals

Published: Sunday, January 26, 2014

Updated: Sunday, January 26, 2014 22:01

East Tennessee State University cheerleader Jacy Richardson is a 19-year-old sophomore. She is originally from Kingsport, and is majoring in digital media.

“I have been cheering for as long as I can remember,” Richardson said. “I believe I started cheering on a team when I was in fourth grade.”

Besides being in the sport of cheerleading for about 11 years, she feels that her highest achievement in the sport of cheerleading is being able to cheer at the college level, especially at ETSU.

“I was drawn to the team here at ETSU for it is an all girls’ team,” she said, “and I feel that my biggest accomplishment is continuing my cheering career into college.”

Richardson said that she can’t wait for the new football team and for next year’s season to start so the cheerleading squad can rally the crowd during football games as well.

“I am excited for all the preparation and heightened ETSU pride for this new addition,” she said.

And for this season, Richardson said that she hopes to land some difficult gymnastics to perform during the basketball games.

“I hope to solidly land a back tuck with my pompoms during a basketball game,” she said.

A back tuck is basically like a backflip but with no hands and the athlete tucks in their knees while at the same time touching their knee with their hands during the flip.

Richardson is thankful for the opportunity to cheer at games and participate in events throughout the community, she said.

The team participates in community service as well, cheering for different community events as well as just helping the Johnson City community.

Once Richardson concludes her cheerleading career at ETSU, she plans to aid others in the pursuit of cheerleading.

“I plan on continuing to help other girls in succeeding in cheerleading by coaching,” she said.

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