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SGA votes to poll students before moving forward with fall concert

Published: Sunday, February 16, 2014

Updated: Sunday, February 16, 2014 23:02

The East Tennessee State University Student Government Association voted Tuesday to poll students before choosing the act for the fall major event.

The discussion that prompted this vote began when SGA Adviser Sally Lee announced that the university might be able to bring Bill Cosby to campus next semester, but, before the university could attempt to book Cosby, Lee said that the SGA would have to approve the action.

“Although SGA often provides a platform for students’ voices to be heard, I don’t think that the 30 voices in the room should be the sole authority on major issues of events that impact all students,” said SGA Sen. Jayke Hamill. “The administration asked us if we wanted us to secure an act (using the major concert fund that comes from student fees) immediately without any prior knowledge or opportunity to speak with other students.

“SGA, as an organization, should stand solely to represent students, not to know what’s best for them or to know what they want the most.”

Senators discussed the issue of voting on the concert prior to polling their constituents and eventually decided against voting to approve booking Cosby. Instead, the SGA decided to send the issue to a student poll, as it has done in the past.

In accordance with SGA policy, the organization will promote the poll for one week and then conduct the poll for a week. The university will attempt to book the act the student body most desires to see; however, if that act is unavailable, the university will move on to the second-most-requested act and so on until it successfully books an act for the major fall event.

Polling the student body may derail the university in booking Cosby, as his availability for the fall major event was only assured until Friday.


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