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Campus Taco Bell popular with students

Published: Monday, September 30, 2013

Updated: Monday, September 30, 2013 00:09

Since the new Taco Bell Express first opened on East Tennessee State University’s campus, it has been immensely popular with students.

The Mexican fast food restaurant chain recently opened in the Atrium offering students another dining option.

“I only have classes once a week, so I usually eat at home,” student Salma Dahbi said. “But whenever I eat here on campus, I choose Taco Bell.”

Several students said that they prefer the Taco Bell to other dining locations at ETSU because of its affordable prices.

“Taco Bell seems to be cheaper than other options on campus,” student Kelly Steel said.

Student Rich Minton said that he thinks Taco Bell is actually the best deal. “It seems like a really good amount of food for the price you pay.”  
The menu offers options from tacos to burritos to taco salads.  
“It brings a nice variety,” Minton said.

Taco Bell, which serves from 11 a.m. to midnight, is open later than any other restaurant in the Atrium.

Although, the nutritional value of the food offered may be a concern for some students. the healthiness of each specific menu item varies.

The crunchy taco has 170 calories while the bean burrito contains 380 calories and the fiesta taco salad contains 730-780 calories, depending on the protein choice.  
“It’s fast food,” restaurant manager Eric Elrod said. “It’s kind of hard to find something healthy on the menu.”    
The restaurant has seen a steady stream of customers since its first day of business, particularly around the lunch and dinner hours when lines of customers are long.

“Since we’re open later than the other restaurants, we see a lot of business at night, too,” Elrod said.

Not many of the restaurant’s patrons seem bothered by the often lengthy wait.

“It’s worth it if you’re tired of eating Quiznos and Chick-fil-A,” student Hayley Lewis said.  
Students who dislike the lines still find a way to eat Taco Bell.

“It doesn’t seem quite as busy on Fridays, so that’s when I eat here,” student Carrie Karbowiak said.

For more information about Taco Bell Express and the other dining locations at ETSU visit More information about Taco Bell’s menu and nutritional information can be found at 

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