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Bill Cosby removed from poll

Published: Sunday, February 23, 2014

Updated: Sunday, February 23, 2014 21:02

The ETSU Student Government Association voted Tuesday to remove Bill Cosby from the poll for the fall major event.

After recent rape accusations were leveled against Cosby, the SGA Senate decided that it would reflect negatively on the university to have the student body select Cosby as the act for the fall 2014 major event.

“I heard concern from students who know of Cosby’s recent (and not so recent) rape allegations,” said SGA Sen. Randi Owenby.

Owenby said some students were concerned about their safety. “We were also concerned that bringing him to campus would reflect poorly on the university as a whole.”

Cosby has not been charged with any crimes.

The SGA Senate originally approved the fall major event poll when SGA Adviser Sally Lee announced that there was a chance that the university would be able to bring Cosby to campus; however, she informed the Senate that the university would require their approval before it could move forward with either an offer to Cosby or a student poll.

The Senate decided not to make an offer to Cosby, and to instead poll the students prior to making any offers. The poll will be held March 3-7.

Students will be able to access the poll by visiting the university’s main web page, by going to

The survey will be listed under the campus information announcements section.

After the poll is conducted, the university will attempt to book the act that received the greatest number of votes from the student body.

However, if that act is unavailable, the university will attempt to book the act that received the second-greatest number of votes and so on until the university successfully books an act for the fall major event.

For the full list of potential acts for the fall and more information about the poll, please read “Student polling for fall 2014 major concerts coming up” on Page 5.

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Thu Feb 27 2014 14:21
Electing not to have Bill Cosby because of how it may make the university look? I am going on the assumption then that Wiz Khalifa, who open promotes smoking weed, doing drugs, having multiple women /partners, and promotes a less than reputable life style promotes what ETSU stands for? Also, Im sure Kevin Hart is a real good role model to have come to ETSU, someone who can stand on stage and say obscene words and make fun of anyone for how they are. Those two, the latest two, are prime examples of what ETSU really stands for. Not having Bill Cosby come because of accusations?-that is saying he is guilty, in the eyes of the SGA, until proven innocent.
Wed Feb 26 2014 14:59
The hypocrisy of this amazes me! Innocent until proven guilty? Students who are supposed to be critical thinkers convicting on innuendo is more the truth. "Heard from students concerned about their safety???" Really? REALLY?? Mr. Cosby is going to jump right out of that limo and attack our poor unsuspecting female students! Is it because he is African American? (Have to be careful of those stereotypes dearest students!) Or is it because he is seen as a more conservative African American?

This campus hosted PORN STAR Ron Jeremy, not once but TWICE and I did not see anyone censoring him. And of course, he is the bastion of care and concern for women!

Please explain how the SGA, (Now to be known as the Student Goose-stepping Association), is allowed to take the decision from the hands of the student body? It is OUR fees that pay for these events - the decision should be ours, not the SGA's!

Tue Feb 25 2014 11:47
So much for innocent until proven guilty.

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