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App allows discrete disclosure of STD test results

Published: Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Updated: Wednesday, February 5, 2014 23:02

Hula, a new free app that can be obtained from the iPhone App Store, is looking to change how the general public approaches STD awareness and prevention. Through Hula, users can find local STD testing centers, collect and store their test results, and create a profile on the app that allows users to share their verified STD results.

Haley Richardson, a sophomore at East Tennessee State University, said that she liked the concept of the app and said that she believed it would enable individuals to communicate their statuses without having awkward conversations.

“With how prevalent the STD problem has become among college students, it’s nice to see someone taking a different twist on something in order to make a real change,” Richardson said.

In the most recent survey conducted by the CDC shows that more than 110 million Americans are currently living with an STD and that there are more than 20 million new infections each year with nearly half of those cases occurring in younger people between the ages 15-24.

STD testing is often a confusing subject for young Americans, many of whom have no idea how to go about being tested. Hula aims to inform its users of the many test locations of which they could take advantage.

Hula has a variety of tools that truly make it a first-of-its-kind app, an app that has received praise from many public health officials for promoting STD testing and awareness.

The app promotes STD testing through one click features that allow users to locate local testing centers and store their past test results all in one place. One of the more unique features of Hula that promotes STD awareness is the ability for a user to create a profile and share their test results with others.

In the course of creating a profile, users decide with whom they will share this information and it is kept completely private otherwise.

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