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  • WETS spring fundraiser in progress

    When WETS-FM (89.5 MHz) went on the air 40 years ago, the radio station operated from a slightly renovated old house, had a staff of five, and broadcast for only 12 hours each day. The closest thing to locally-generated content was local hosts playing classical music from vinyl LPs.

  • Armed robberies result in three arrests

    Three arrests have been made following the armed robbery that occurred on the ETSU campus April 8.

  • DZT ticket elected

    The ETSU Student Government Association president, vice president, secretary/treasurer and senators for the 2014-15 academic year were elected Tuesday and Wednesday. 

  • Senate votes down change to cabinet

    The ETSU Student Government Association Senate voted down Tuesday a piece of legislation that would have restructured the responsibilities of cabinet members. 

  • SGA campaign marred by removed signs

    The ETSU Student Government Association Election Commission has ruled that evidence connecting a ticket with two students who removed the opposing ticket’s signs is inconclusive. 

  • ETSU fails to protect from phishing

    Dear Editor: I am writing in response to the article, “Students Suffer from Phishing Scam,” included in your March 27 issue. I personally e-mailed the Student Help Desk as well as contacted the university and left a message on March 9, attempting to warn them about this potential threat as soon as I received it in my inbox, hoping to safeguard others.

  • Ice cream leads to even sweeter treat

    I was sitting in my language class when I had received a text message from the woman who took me to church a couple weeks ago. It was spontaneous yet delightful invitation to go have ice cream with her before my last class of the week. I waited until class was over to respond to her and I was glad to go for ice cream on such a warm day with her.


    Because education shouldn’t be a mad dash

    In an article earlier this semester, I offered an idea on how to improve the attendance policy on campus. To summarize that article: Level 1000 and 2000 classes would have attendance grades while level 3000 and 4000 classes would not. The rationale was that the university could still “weed out” and “guide” the younger students like it aims to do with the current policy.

  • adad ‘Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom’ screened in Culp

    On Friday night, I slunk into the back of the Culp Auditorium to watch “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.” The film, released in December of last year, recounts the life of Nelson Mandela, a South African activist and politician who was instrumental in dismantling apartheid, South Africa’s system of racial segregation.

  • Andrew Jenks speaks during Civility Week

    Wednesday night, ETSU invited filmmaker Andrew Jenks to come and speak during Civility Week. As the guest speaker, Jenks shared his incredible story of how he became a world-renowned documentary filmmaker by sharing the lives of others with his viewers.