Obama's plan to help disabled Americans

By Ryan Baisden

Published: Thursday, March 27, 2008

Updated: Thursday, March 3, 2011



Sen. Barack Obama is leading for the Democrats with Sen. Hillary Clinton following very closely behind.

Barack Obama has many plans that correlate to minorities and people with disabilities. His four-part plan for the disabled has really good policies and extremely well formulated proposals. This plan would help the disabled immensely. For example:
1) Obama plans on increasing funding to programs which help provide better education to those with disabilities. He plans on funding community colleges and making college more affordable to everyone. Also, he plans on introducing his "universal health care plan" which will eliminate people with disabilities' fear that their jobs will jeopardize their healthcare benefits.

2) Obama will enforce programs that eliminate discrimination against people suffering from disabilities, and discrimination against people based on their genetic codes, or mental state, thus providing more mental health care and more privacy to the American people.

3) He proposes a tax cut for employers to hire those with disabilities as well as affirmative action to hire those with disabilities making it mandatory to hire a disabled individual if they apply for certain jobs, including federal government jobs. "Obama believes that the federal government must recruit, hire, retain and advance workers with disabilities." He will expand paid medical leave, sick leave, and attempt to eliminate "caregiver discrimination."

4) He will make it easier for those who are disabled to live where they have lived their entire lives. Too many individuals with disabilities have lost their homes and been placed in assisted living institutions because the programs to help them were not funded enough or did not provide the care that they needed.
Obama wants to expand Medicare, fund programs to create more technologies for the disabled, and make more programs with more funding so that it is easier for people to live where they want to live and still receive the help they need.

Obama wants everyone to be equal. He wants those who are disabled to live normal lives just like everyone else. He wants them to have equal opportunity in the workforce, in the community, in the government (i.e. voting rights), and in every aspect of life.


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